​Class Showcases
Students prepare for two personalized class showcases per year. Each showcase is themed and consists of group numbers, duets, trios and solos. We believe it is vital for students to be afforded the opportunity to shine by showcasing their progress (as a group and individually) throughout the year. Intimate class performances give them that chance. This personalized performance approach also gives students more experience on stage while allowing parents to enjoy their child being featured.

Recording Opportunities

Idol Time works closely with local quality recording studios throughout Monmouth and Ocean County. Vocal Troupe Students will have annual opportunities to record songs of their choice utilizing professional recording equipment This varied experience gives them a creative edge and prepares them for diverse performance related futures.

Specialty Workshops

A variety of specialty workshops will be offered throughout the year at Idol Time to explore specific topics related to voice and popular music. Students will have the option to sign up for workshop sessions on songwriting, vocal health, audition training and more! Workshops will take place on weekends in two 3-hour sessions. Dates and times will be given in advance and provided via email. Workshops are provided at an additional fee.

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