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~My 7 year old daughter Catarina has been a shy girl with a love of music. Last summer my husband and I were searching for a singing program for her to develop not just her singing voice but also her self-confidence. While searching and making phone calls I came across Idol Time Academy and was pleasantly surprised not just by Kayla's quick response to my inquiry but also her understanding and core value of self-confidence in her programs. I immediately enrolled Catarina into the summer program and in just a few short weeks noticed how Catarina was not only singing better but was having a great time, making friends, and feeling more self assured and positive. After the summer program ended, I then enrolled Catarina into the regular singing program for 6-8 year olds.

I cannot express enough how wonderful Kayla and the staff are with these kids. They all show a real passion not just for the music industry but also for the kids and making sure that all the children are enjoying themselves and are surrounded by a positive and nurturing  atmosphere. Kayla has given my daughter an outlet to shine, to make friends, and to discover her voice. Because of Kayla, Catarina has gone from a girl who wouldn't even sing for me to a girl who just last week sang to a room full of strangers!
I will be forever thankful to Kayla and her staff for creating this beautiful school and for enriching my daughter's life in a way that cannot compare to anything else.
-Shelley Marra



My 7 year old daughter naturally loved to sing and perform. We discovered Idol Time when we entered their fundraising singing competition for The Ashley Lauren Foundation. The positive energy and professionalism was impressive from the very beginning. My daughter is now on Idol Time's Competitive Vocal Troupe. Her singing skills have been honed and guided to another level by Kayla Caffrey. Kayla's positive guidance and excellent vocal training has given my daughter the confidence to audition for Broadway Shows and win awards at competitions with no stress. Idol Time is a wonderful combination of fun, skilled vocal training, stage presence, audition preparation as well as charity events that give back to the community.

-Dr. Joanne Jodry


It’s heart-breaking to see a young girl with a lack of self-confidence, especially when it’s your own daughter.  A friend suggested Miss Kayla for singing/voice lessons.  My daughter had never expressed an interest in “serious” singing but I decided to give it a try…..and I couldn’t be happier with the results!  After one lesson, she printed “singing lessons with Miss Kayla” on every Thursday spot in her calendar/planner.  I was delighted that she looked forward to her time with Miss Kayla and quickly found out why.  She took the time to find out what she loved; her favorite color, activities she enjoyed, and what artists and songs she listened to.  Miss Kayla even showed her a video of herself as a shy 7 year-old! 
My daughter really identifies with Miss Kayla and has been making steady progress.  Last week, she sang a whole song on her own!  I don’t know what the future holds for her with regard to singing.  For now, I’m just excited that she is having fun and is developing the self-confidence that she so desperately needs.  Miss Kayla displays a supportive and patient style when teaching and has an amazing voice herself.  She has an extraordinary gift to inspire others to find their own voice and to sing from the heart.  I highly recommend her as a vocal instructor to anyone interested in the art of singing.




~Idol Time has improved my daughter's confidence immensely.  She thought it sounded fun to go to Idol Time for summer classes but was nervous.  Well, she and her friend Maddie had a blast.  They couldn't wait for fall classes to begin.  They started to not just improve their vocals but actually started "performing."  They used a microphone at every family get together to practice what they have learned.  They recently had a holiday performance and they both sang solo's in front of an audience which I know I could never do.  The atmosphere was so relaxed.  I am thankful that I was able to watch my daughter challenge herself and succeed.  The staff have been so positive and encouraging and they are to thank for this growth. I asked my daughter what she thinks about her experience at Idol Time and I quote "Amazing! It's the best place I've like ever been in my life."  Thank you for all you do and know your work with our children is greatly appreciated.  Keep up the great work!  

-Lori Lepore


~Idol Time Vocal Academy is a wonderful place to send your child for singing classes. Each child will get the opportunity to perform solo and in collaboration with other children. It is a unique place and Kayla the owner is a true inspiration. She shares her knowledge, experience and love of music to motivate and encourage her students. She has created a safe and warm environment for the kids to express themselves and grow vocally. Kayla is patient, accommodating and truly has the children's best interest at heart. She is constantly looking for new and different ways to provide her students with performance opportunities to showcase their voice as well as build their confidence. She believes in all her students and it is clear she puts her heart into everything she does. Thank-you for creating such a special place.

-Andrea Weltman


 ~Thank you so much for a fantastic fall session!! Idol Time was one of the BEST decisions we have made! Kaelyn truly adores Miss Kayla and looks forward to going to class every week. She has made such an improvement in the time she has been there, and she can't wait to start the new year at Idol Time!

-Dana Donoghue 

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